About MHSC

Started in 2008 by Rockabilly and Ribs founder DJ DogBoy, and Lipgloss co-founder, Tyler Jacobson, Mile High Soul Club has become the epicenter for Denver’s flourishing soul underground. Known internationally as one of the bright spots of America’s current soul scene, Mile High Soul Club is a monthly party at Syntax Physic Opera in Denver where resident DJs, guest DJs and live bands specialize in making the dance floor move with a quality mix of Soul, Funk, Northern Soul and R&B.

In 2012, the duo of DJ DogBoy and Tyler Jacobson became a trio with the addition of DJ Steve Cervantes. MHSC has opened for such notable acts as Nick Waterhouse, Lenny Kravitz, Charles Bradley, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound and many more.

The collective of soul daddies expanded not only in personnel but also in scope in 2016. Jason Heller, who had created MHSC’s predecessor soul night, Chit-Chat, joined up as a resident. He also launched a companion quarterly night Funk Club. Early demand for Funk Club quickly required the night to become a monthly event starting in April 2017.