A couple of articles from Westword

Westword did not one, but two pieces on America’s biggest soul night, Mile High Soul Club. Here’s the first:

The soul mavens behind Mile High Soul Club grew up on a diet of Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves and Motown 45s played by their parents. “My parents listened to ’60s Motown when I was younger, so I was naturally drawn to it,” says Mile High Soul Clubco-founder Tim Wieser (aka DJ DogBoy). “But it was ‘Heat Wave’ that hooked me.” Many years later, he and his cohorts continue the tradition of Northern Soul music once a month at the Meadowlark with a funky, feel-good dance party.

Before Mile High Soul Club formed, Tyler Jacobson, one of the founders of Lipgloss, used to work soul songs into his sets. Wieser, meanwhile, had made ’50s rock and roll, rockabilly and soul the main focus….

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The follow-up a couple of days later was even better. It didn’t hurt that we had record breaking attendance (we’re still not sure how that was even possible.)

When I walked into the Meadowlark on Friday for Mile High Soul Club, I was greeted by the sight of a woman sporting a beehive that would’ve made Marge Simpson envious and a pair of folks who looked like Ringo Starr and Joan from Mad Men sipping drinks at the bar and illuminated by — as touted — the glow of a video projector playing cuts from ’50s and ’60s dance movies. Only a few people were filtering through the dim bar, and the members of Mile High Soul Club were nowhere to be seen. It was still pretty early — 9:15, to be exact — so it was more or less what I was expecting. But then a light bulb went off when I heard a Supremes song playing in the bar — the party had moved to the patio.

When I ventured outside, the party was buzzing. All of the tables were already filled by early drinkers and the people who didn’t stop going after happy hour. Everyone was blissfully ecstatic….

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