Just had our walkthrough for the NYE Party

mcnichols building, DenverThe building in this image that is both highlighted and has arrows pointing at it - yes, that one - I'm trying to draw your attention to it. That's where you will have an amazing New Year's Eve. Creeper Steve and I (Tyler) met up on Sunday with Ryan & Lenay Snyder, who have organized this event for S.O.U.L. Uganda,  and it looks like it's going to be amazing. Here's some of the bits we walked away with:- As of Sunday, the event was selling extremely well. So well that if you don't have your tickets, you run the risk of never getting tickets. Buy them here: http://www.goodpeoplegoodfun.com- The McNichol's Building was formerly Denver's first public library (hence the 'Midnight at the Library' theme), then it was turned into storage before being re-opened this year as the McNichol's building. This is the first NYE here... possibly ever.- The speakeasy theme is being taken seriously. I know what's coming and I'm still impressed.- Parking will suck. Light Rail, Cab, Car pool, Walk. Anything you can do to avoid parking.We've got a packed 2nd half of Dec. with MHSC on the 14th at The Meadowlark, Private gig on Sun. the 16th, playing Larimer on Dec. 27th and finally, we ring in the new year with you on the 31st.See ya then. Keep the faith!

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