Mile High Soul Club in The Trusted Ear

Steve Cervantes, DJ DogBoy and Tyler Jacobson of Mile High Soul Club

Dave Hererra at The Trusted Ear interviewed Mile High Soul Club soul daddy and co-founder Tyler Jacobson about our upcoming 8th Anniversary. If you ever wondered how it all started and how this odd night got to where it was, give the piece a read.

Wow, that went by fast. Next month, Mile High Soul Club will be celebrating its eight-year anniversary. Eight years!

Seriously, it seems like just yesterday that Tyler Jacobson had retired from Lipgloss and started playing soul records with Mile High Soul Club’s co-founder Tim “Dogboy” Wieser (who is actually the one who came up with the original idea to launch the night, Jacobson points out). Jacobson, it turns out, sort of feels the same way, he says.

“It still feels like the brand new thing that I’m doing after Lipgloss,” says that night’s co-founder. “It still feels like it’s in kind of its early stages, which is really weird, because I’ve been doing this almost as long as I did Lipgloss.

“So it’s a really weird feeling,” Jacobson continues. “I mean, again, it still feels like it’s a growing concern. It’s something that could still have miles ahead of it. So that’s one thing that I kind of carry around with me all the time right now.

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Mile High Soul Club – Main Stage at UMS – Friday July 29

Mile High Soul Club at UMS

2016 marks the 16th anniversary of The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase, the biggest independent music festival in the Rocky Mountain region and the premier showcase for Denver’s incredible local music scene!

Mile High Soul Club is honored to play a full set on the main stage from 5 – 6 PM, and also keeping the party going in between killer acts on Friday night at the UMS.

5 – 6 PM – Mile High Soul Club

6 – 6:40 PM – Plum

6:40 – 7 PM – Mile High Soul Club

7 PM – 8:10 PM – Lee Fields & The Expressions

8:10 – 8:30 PM – Mile High Soul Club

8:30 – 9:30 PM – Allah-Las


Saturday July 2: MHSC July + Early gig at Illegal Pete’s

This Saturday MHSC is pulling a double header. First, you can find us at your favorite burrito joint (and ours) Illegal Pete’s. It’s now solidly tradition that MHSC and Chris Dismuke perform on every anniversary of the South Broadway location – and this weekend’s 3rd anniversary is no different. Come pre-game at Illegal Pete’s from 6-9.

Illegale Pete's S. Broadway 3rd Anniversary with Mile High Soul Club

Immediately after that, chase us down Broadway a couple of blocks to Syntax… because it’s SOUL TIME! Mile High Soul Club July 2016. A little drinking followed by a lot of dancing followed by a little drinking followed by a lot of dancing…. $5 Cover

Mile High Soul Club July 2016